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Magic: The Gathering
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ExTrEmE MaGiC: the MtG Club

Here it is, the anticipated club for Magic: the Gathering.  We are ExTrEmE MaGic: the MtG Club.  We own in the card game to end all card games.  Here you will find our ideas of how to annihilate your opponents, and destroy all compitetion.  We really don't specialize in any style of Magic: the Gathering, we are just a bunch of guys with not much better to do.  We are good, and that is an understatement.  E-mail us so we can change anything extremely wrong with this site.  We need to be in touch with you. lates

New Color to showcase, by random selection, the color is BLACK!  Check back occasionaly for some black cards being showcased!
We are LONG over-due for an update, still showing the power of red cards.  enjoi
a special tribute will be happening for a while.  a tribute to RED CARDS!!! WOOT.  Over time, we will cover all the card colors and artifacts and stuff, but for now, BRING ON THE RED!!!

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Don't Worry, this is just the beginning.
there is plenty more on the way.

DISCLAIMER:  Magic: the Gathering was NOT created by me or my friends.  this is a fan site that will never make ANY money and all cards and stuff like that belong to Wizards of the Coast.  thank you and have a great life,